Survey Says Illegal Aliens Not Concerned About Risk of Arrest

“A new study from the American Sociological Review shows illegal immigrants from Mexico don’t consider the possibility of being arrested a deterrent from breaking U.S. immigration laws,” notes Katie Pavlich at

“Considering law enforcement authorities, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement, really don’t have much ability to punish people who come to the United States illegally, this attitude makes total sense. Lack of enforcement is a problem ICE Council President Chris Crane has explained in detail multiple times to Congress.”

GOP Rep. Criticized for “Undocumented Citizens” Remark

“Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) is being criticized by a prominent Washington, D.C.-based immigration group for calling illegal immigrants “undocumented citizens.” Schock was recorded in a video this week indicating his support for legislation along the lines of the Senate’s immigration bill. But the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) said Schock’s comments show he is too willing to trust the Obama administration to enforce border security after legal status is given to illegal residents,” The Hill reports.

Thousands of Syrian Refugees Approved for Arrival in U.S.

“With conditions continuing to deteriorate in Syria, the Obama administration is making a major policy shift by agreeing for the first time to allow thousands of new Syrian refugees into the United States, The Cable has learned,” reported.

“The numbers are relatively small: just 2,000 refugees, compared to an estimated two million people who have fled Syria during the civil war. But it’s a significant increase from the 90 or so Syrian refugees who have been permanently admitted to the U.S. in the last two years. And it’s not entirely uncontroversial. The refugees, mostly women and children, will be screened for terrorist ties — a process that could take a year or more to complete.”