How One Activist Can Make A Tremendous Difference

“He says the United States is filling up with immigrants who do not respect the law or the American way of life. He refers to Latino groups as ‘the tribalists,’ saying they seek to impose a divisive ethnic agenda. Of his many adversaries, he says: ‘The illegal alien lobby never changes. It’s the Wall Street wing of the Republican Party joining forces with the Chamber of Commerce, the far left and the Democrats in an effort to expand cheap labor and increase voting for the Democratic Party,'” the New York Times writes.

“D. A. King, who quit his job as an insurance agent a decade ago to wage a full-time campaign against illegal immigration in Georgia, is one reason this state rivals Arizona for the toughest legal crackdown in the country. With his Southern manners and seersucker jackets, he works the halls of the gold-domed statehouse, familiar to all, polite and uncompromising.”

Another Challenger for Lindsay Graham

“Another GOP primary challenger to South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham is making it official. State Sen. Lee Bright has readied his campaign website and is inviting supporters to sign up for an alert when he posts his official announcement video. The campaign advertises a full website ‘coming soon,'” Politico reports.

“Graham drew his second official challenger, Citadel graduate Nancy Mace, last week. Businessman Richard Cash has also launched a campaign against Graham. The Republican senator has been under fire from conservatives who paint him as too willing to compromise with Democrats on issues including taxes and immigration.”

The August End Run Around GOP Base on Immigration

“One difference between the two major parties is that Democrats harness the energy of their base to fight legislative battles; Republicans make end-runs around their base to obviate their energy. Let’s examine the GOP’s strategy for dealing with immigration. Instead of harnessing their energy to fight amnesty and hang it around the necks of Democrats in the red state electoral landscape next year, they are trying to outflank the conservative base with subterfuge in order to pass amnesty. National Journal has an inside story of the strategy,” says Daniel Horrowitz at Red State.