House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is not shy about criticizing President Obama’s tax reform proposal. “It’s a raw deal and I think it’s more crony capitalism,” Ryan charged during a recent interview. (The Hill, Aug. 1, 2013) “The president likes to pick winners and losers. He lets some businesses off the hook with Obamacare but he won’t let families and small businesses off the hook.” (Id.) Obama’s tax plan is “not fair,” said Ryan, “We want fairness.” (Id.)

Applying Ryan’s words to the immigration debate, the logical conclusion drawn is that Ryan favors enforcement. Instead, Ryan is, hypocritically, a champion for amnesty. As you can see below, Ryan’s words clearly demonstrate principles that oppose amnesty:

  • Amnesty is a “raw deal” and “crony politics” because it caters to special interests under the guise of immigration reform.
  • The Senate Gang of Eight bill picks “winners [illegal aliens; businesses] and losers [American workers].”
  • Amnesty lets rule-breakers “off the hook” by forgiving their violations of immigration law and in fact, encourages more unlawful behavior.
  • Amnesty is “not fair” to struggling American workers, particularly minorities, who will face even more competition for scarce jobs from a massive influx of cheap labor.

Paul Ryan and Speaker Boehner, the 22 million unemployed/underemployed Americans have a message for you: “We want fairness.” It is time to drop your illogical support for amnesty and instead focus on true immigration reform that protects the nation, the rule of law, and American workers.