There is an elephant in the room that many of our political leaders don’t want to talk about.

The elephant isn’t just in the room, he’s, on the jobsite with tools on, working. He’s called all his friends, and now they are all working. Now all of them are calling all their friends and telling them how easy it is to take American jobs. Oh well, they are only taking jobs that Americans don’t want to do, right?

Wrong! America exports the majority of our factory jobs to other countries. Now we are importing our construction labor force from Mexico and countries of Central and South America. The majority of these workers are taking American citizens’ jobs illegally, by working for cash.

Down here in South Florida it’s getting to the point that if you are an American citizen, you can’t get a job in a lot of the different trades of the construction industry, no matter how much experience or motivation you have. Use simple logic or common sense to realize what an impact this is on our fragile economy.

Maybe the politicians aren’t noticing, but for a lot of workers it is kind of hard to ignore the fact that they are being crushed by the elephant. Read more at