Amnesty Bill Contains Millions in Slush Funds for Left Groups

“The immigration reform bill now being mulled by Congress contains multimillion-dollar slush funds that benefit left-wing groups, investigative reporter M. Stanton Evans says. ‘It’s a stealth operation,’ Evans told ‘The Steve Malzberg Show’ on Newsmax TV,” Newsmax reported.

“‘These [are] unknown aspects of the bill, which are totally contrary to the advertising.’ Evans, who wrote about the slush funds in Investor’s Business Daily said they are hidden deep in the 1,100-page bill and will help left-wing, nonprofit groups provide services to the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants now in the U.S.”

House Considers New Version of DREAM Act Amnesty

“In the Democratic-controlled Senate, the question was whether to allow the nation’s 11 million undocumented immigrants to get U.S. citizenship. In the Republican-led House, the question has become: Which ones?” says USA Today.

“In passing a sweeping immigration law last month, the Senate voted 68-32 to allow most of the nation’s undocumented immigrants to eventually apply for U.S. citizenship. But as the House continues to slowly consider small pieces of immigration, one bill at a time, Republican leaders proposed allowing only undocumented immigrants brought to the country as children to become citizens.”