Boehner Dodges Citizenship Question

“House Speaker John Boehner repeatedly avoided answering whether he supported a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants in an interview aired Sunday on CBS’s ‘Face the Nation.’ Instead, the Ohio Republican talked about immigration reform more generally and refused to give host Bob Schieffer his personal views. ‘Bob, we have a broken immigration system. The legal immigration system’s broken, we have a problem with 11 million people who are here without documents, 40 percent of them, by the way, came here as legal immigrants,’ Boehner said,” Politico writes.

Time for Oregon Voters to Have a Say on Licenses

“Should illegal immigrants have the right to drive in Oregon? Soon, you may get the chance to vote on that question. Recently, a group of Oregonians operating as “Protect Oregon Driver Licenses” received authorization from the secretary of state to begin collecting signatures for a referendum on Senate Bill 833, the newly passed legislation granting “driver cards” to illegal immigrants. To put a measure on Oregon’s November 2014 ballot that will allow voters to approve or reject the bill, the group must collect 58,142 signatures within 90 days of the end of the Legislature’s 2013 session, which will be in late September,” says Oregon House member Sal Esquivel.

“On a momentous issue like illegal-immigrant driver cards, Oregonians deserved better than a fast-tracked bill, a cattle-call public hearing, and a cursory four-week window of engagement. Our referendum aims to do what the governor’s invitation-only work group and our hastily acting lawmakers did not: provide for a sustained and informative public debate, and include rank-and-file Oregonians directly in the decision-making process.”

Gang of Eight Orders Lobbyists to Push House Toward Amnesty

“John McCain and his fellow immigration gangsters called about 50 business lobbyists to the Capitol with a simple message: Pony up and fight. Delivering some of his famous “straight talk,” McCain told them they weren’t spending enough money and were losing the battle for comprehensive immigration reform. What’s needed, McCain said, was a national, coordinated campaign to push the House to act on immigration reform,” Yahoo News says.

“‘This is a political campaign. We’ve gotta have communications. We gotta have coordination. We gotta have advertising. We gotta have a real political campaign with the goal of winning an agreement from the House to sit down and negotiate with us with a bill. That’s our goal,’ McCain told National Journal. But the marching orders managed to anger and alienate both the lobbyists in the room and House Republicans they are supposed to be targeting. Neither group wants senators telling them how to do their jobs,” NationalJournal reports.

Americans Can’t Find Jobs Due to Labor Shortage?

“New Ricochet Podcast on Immigration: It’s 2 against 1, with me and Mark Krikorian discussing the current state of play with Clint Bolick of the Goldwater Institute. (Bolick and Jeb Bush coauthored Immigration Wars, which proposed a non-citizenship legalization for current illegal immigrants–an idea that seemed out of synch when the book was published but whose time seems to have come again). The podcast is only 45 minutes,” says Mickey Kaus at the Daily Caller.

“[H]is argument rests mainly on the notion that nothing could be worse than not passing a bill, because of the horrible labor shortage crisis currently afflicting the economy. Does that resonate with you?”