A newly released FAIR report, “Out of the Shadows: Shining a Light on Immigration and the Plight of the American Worker,” explains how current U.S. immigration policy harms American workers, and makes the case that current proposals on Capitol Hill to grant amnesty and increase guest workers will only further harm native-born workers.

In particular, the report compares the economy in 2007 when Congress last considered “comprehensive” immigration reform to the present. It points out that in May 2007 when the Senate rejected the last amnesty bill, the unemployment rate was at a relatively low 4.5 percent. Six years later, now that the unemployment rate remains at a high 7.6 percent — and over 4 million more people are unemployed — the Senate has passed a 1,200 page bill that grants legal status and work authorization to 12 million illegal aliens while increasing the number of guest workers by at least 50 percent.

“Out of the Shadows” emphasizes Congress and the White House’s refusal to acknowledge the disadvantage using immigration to increase the work force during times of high unemployment puts American workers and recent college graduates, while advocating for sound immigration policy to help put Americans back to work.

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