Douthat: The Media, Immigration and G.O.P. Donorism

“As long as I’m playing the media critic on social-issues coverage, this piece last week from the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza and Sean Sullivan offered a fascinating example of how the press covers the role of money in the immigration debate,” says Ross Douthat in the New York Times.

“The whole thing makes particularly fascinating reading when you compare it to the way that Republican billionaires and bundlers are generally treated by the press: As a cynical, self-interested lot whose ruthless quest for political quid pro quos contrasts with the high-minded principle of Democratic check-writers and bundlers, who supposedly give without asking for anything in return.”

No, Amnesty Won’t Help Social Security Remain Solvent

“Advocates of comprehensive immigration reform give many reasons for their effort. They want to fix the nation’s “broken” immigration system. They want to secure the border. They want to bring 11 million illegal immigrants “out of the shadows.”
But there are other reasons that don’t receive as much attention. For example, during the recent Senate debate, reform supporters expressed hope that a new generation of immigrants would pay for the Baby Boomers’ golden years — and get the nation out of a huge fiscal jam,” says Byron York at the Examiner.

“It’s understandable that Democrats who have long resisted entitlement reform might hope to solve the nation’s coming entitlement crisis simply by importing new taxpayers. But it’s less easy to understand why Republicans who advocate entitlement reform would hope to solve the problem by bringing in a new generation to prop up the system — a generation of workers who will, of course, put their own burdens on entitlement programs as they age.”

Poll Shows Hillary Beats Rubio, Jeb Bush

“A new poll of likely Hispanic voters in the 2016 presidential election shows strong support for the two candidates seen as potential Democratic nominees: former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vice President Biden. The survey, by Latino Decisions, also revealed Republican candidates continue to significantly trail among Hispanic voters, with even champions of immigration reform like Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush significantly behind top Democrats,” The Hill reported.

Jorge Castaneda – Low Skill Immigrants are a Burden for Mexico

“A former Mexican cabinet member says the U.S. should accept more low-skill migrants from Central America, because otherwise the migrants would stay in Mexico. If they can’t get into the United States, ‘they’re going to stay in Mexico, creating a burden for us that we have to carry,’” Jorge Castañeda said on ‘Al Punto,’ a Spanish-language show on Univision,” the Daily Caller reports.

“The Center for Immigration Studies reports that Castañeda criticized the Mexican government for being too passive when discussing the bill with the United States, out of respect for not becoming involved in foreign affairs. Immigrants hoping to enter the United States, legally or illegally, will invariably pass through Mexico to get there, Castañeda said. Assuming they can’t get into the country, with the heightened border security, he predicted that they will just stay in Mexico.”