Fortunately for members of Congress, most Americans aren’t glued to their TVs watching C-SPAN. If they did, Congress would have a hard time maintaining its 10 percent public approval rating.

What is going on today on the Senate floor is a case in point. The primary order of business today is the debate on the Gang of Eight amnesty bill. But interspersed with that debate, members are stepping up to the podium to call for the extension of a low interest college loan program.

Among those supporting extension of low interest loans is Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, who decried the fact that “At a time when we need the best educated workforce in the world” we are in danger of pricing a lot of people out of a college or post-secondary education.

Apparently, lost on Sanders and many of his colleagues, is the complete logical disconnect between the two issues being discussed on the floor of the Senate. Because, “at a time when we need the best educated workforce in the world,” the United States Senate is getting set to approve a bill that would grant amnesty to 12 million people who, on average, possess a 10th grade education.