A new Rasmussen poll found, to absolutely no one’s surprise, a very small minority of American voters believe politicians who promise to secure the border in the future in exchange for amnesty upfront. This is why some Americans may support a theoretical bill that secures the border, deports criminal aliens, requires illegal aliens to pay back taxes, learn English, etc., etc., but most have no illusion that S.744 (the Gang of Eight’s upfront amnesty bill) will do anything to address the root cause of the problem.

Despite hearing for months that there has been a sea change in public opinion in favor of amnesty and increased admissions of foreign workers, Senators aligning with the Gang of Eight have had to engage in a massive disinformation campaign in order to justify their vote in the face of public opposition. If voters really wanted amnesty, a tripling of legal immigration, and a doubling of guest workers, Congress would have passed “comprehensive immigration reform” long ago. Or, one has to believe that a tiny group of dissenters has been able to defeat the coordinated efforts of the White House, bi-partisan efforts in Congress, big business, big labor, the Catholic Church, the ACLU, La Raza, etc., etc., etc.

Of course the majority of Americans do not want what the Senate is now trying to ram down their throats. And, of course, most Senators couldn’t care less what the American people want.