Jeb Bush received a lot of attention for saying that we need mass immigration because immigrants are “more fertile and they love their families,” and a lot of other head-scratching things at Ralph Reed’s latest attempt to remain relevant. Bush’s remarks may strike many Americans as unsavory, and they should, but they should surprise no one. These types of comments are commonplace, though most commentators are not so ham-fisted as Jeb Bush (or Marco Rubio’s staff).

The intellectual bankruptcy of proponents of “comprehensive immigration reform” is on full display in a new report from the American Enterprise Institute, which has long served as the mouthpiece for the Republican Party’s Wall Street wing. The report’s authors, Madeline Zavodny and Tamar Jacoby, who are both supporters of open border policies, argue that millions more low-skilled immigrants are necessary because they have greater “physical strength and stamina” than Americans.

What’s next? Will Paul Ryan discover that immigrant doctors have x-ray vision?