Illegal Alien Protesters Occupy Congressional Office

“Rep. Steve King has told Breitbart News that illegal immigrants attempted to take over his Washington, DC office on Thursday. ‘They openly defy our laws,’ Rep. King exclusively told Breitbart News. ‘It’s the most brazen lobbying I’ve seen since I entered Congress,'” Breitbart News reported.

Buchanan: Whom The Gods Would Destroy . . .

Next year should be a banner year for the GOP, and may yet be […] But if the GOP is favored to hold the House and make gains in the Senate, the long-term prognosis for the party remains grim,” says Pat Buchanan.

“On how to deal with 12 million illegal aliens—send them home or grant them amnesty and a “path to citizenship”—the party’s rancorous division will be starkly visible when the bill reaches the House. But the existential crisis of the GOP, from which it has turned its eyes away since George H.W. Bush, is demography.”

Gang of Eight Tries to Get Cornyn Vote on Amnesty

“Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) is the big prize in the quest for more than 70 votes for immigration reform, but the Gang of Eight is split over whether he’s worth wooing. Cornyn told Republican colleagues at a meeting Wednesday that he would consider making changes to his amendment to bolster the border-security provisions of the Senate bill,” The Hill reported.

Eberle – Are Conservatives Ready to Revolt Over Immigration?

“The Senate has been debating so-called immigration reform for quite a while, and now the House of Representatives is about to get into the action. However, many House conservatives are outwardly voicing their displeasure with House Speaker John Boehner over fears that he may ramrod a bill through the chamber without going through the proper legislative procedures,” says Bobby Eberle.

“Is Boehner in trouble? Is it time for him to go? If the Republicans endorse a bill that doesn’t focus on the REAL problem (border security) and instead panders to the next great voting bloc, we are all in serious trouble. We can’t beat the Democrats with pandering since they can and will always offer more taxpayer-funded handouts. We must stand on principle, and it appears Boehner’s job may be hinging on it.”