Rubio Now Says Amnesty Can Get 60 Votes

“There are not currently 60 votes to pass an immigration reform proposal in the Senate but there will be, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), one of eight senators that introduced the proposal, said Friday. Rubio’s comments come a few days after he said that the bill lacked 60 votes, which contradicted statements by other other supporters of the immigration bill,” The Hill reports.

House GOP Won’t Support Amnesty Says House Chairman

“Representative Bob Goodlatte of Virginia stated on the Laura Ingraham Show Friday that ‘a majority of Republicans in the House’ do not support ‘anything like the Senate bill’ on immigration. He assured Ingraham that the House would engage with the legislation ‘based on what a conservative approach to immigration reform should be,'” National Review reported.

“‘Here’s the situation,’ Goodlatte explained. ‘It’s done in the Senate. You’ve got prominent Republicans involved in it, and the House needs to respond to that.’ A step-by-step approach to ‘fix a broken immigration system’ – beginning with the ‘massive problems with illegal immigration’ – would be the best way to proceed, he said.”

Rubio Tells Spanish-Language Media – Legalization First, Then Security

“Sen. Marco Rubio said Friday that illegal immigrants will get legal status no matter what happens with border security, but said the Senate will have to stiffen enforcement in order to win the 60 votes needed to pass his bill through his chamber. ‘Nobody is talking here about preventing legalization. Legalization will take place,’ Mr. Rubio told Univision in an interview scheduled to air Sunday,” the Washington Times reported.

“‘First comes legalization, then comes this border security measure and then comes the permanent residency process. What we are talking about here is the permanent residency system,’ the Florida Republican said, according to the English translation of the interview.”

Cornyn Amendment Focused on Border Security

“Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn (R-TX) has added even more drama to the immigration reform debate with a border security amendment he plans to introduce next week. The amendment, dubbed the RESULTS amendment (short for “Requiring Enforcement, Security and safety, & Upgrading Legitimate Trade and travel Simultaneously”), is has split the Republicans and the Democrats in the Gang of Eight,” says Breitbart News.

Cornyn issued a statment after Senate Democrats panned the amendment. “It took less than 12 hours for Senate Democrats to reject a real border security plan. The American people don’t believe that the so-called Gang of Eight’s bill will ever deliver real results when it comes to border security and enforcement,” he said.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called the amendment a poison pill. “A proposed Republican amendment to the Senate Gang of Eight’s immigration bill is a ‘poison pill’ and the legislation is unlikely to go through any ‘big changes,’ Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Sunday. The amendment to the bill from Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas) would require significantly higher thresholds of border control before the bill’s ‘trigger’ kicks in allowing undocumented immigrants to move toward citizenship. The effort has been praised by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), a key Gang of Eight member, as a provision that ‘will get this bill where it needs to be,'” Politico reported.