Since the Gang of Eight introduced its immigration bill in April there have been many compelling arguments made for why the bill should not be enacted. But perhaps the most compelling case was offered up Tuesday morning on Fox and Friends by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.).

The ubiquitous Mr. Rubio, who has shown a remarkable capacity to make utterly contradictory statements in the very same breath, continued to defend his bill while opining that the experience has demonstrated to him “how little confidence people have that the Federal Government will enforce the law.” Further, Rubio noted, “People don’t trust the Department of Homeland Security to do the job, or to come up with a plan to the job.”

He then acknowledged that his bill gives still more discretion to the Department of Homeland Security not to enforce our immigration laws, adding that he is in “agreement on the discretion part.”

So, if neither he, nor the American people have any confidence that the Obama administration will enforce our immigration laws why, exactly, is he still supporting the bill?