Fresh from today’s Senate Judiciary Committee mark-up process on the Gang of Eight amnesty bill (with special thanks to the office of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama)).

One of the most controversial and unanswered questions pertaining to the Gang of Eight immigration bill is how many immigrants will be legalized and brought into the country under their plan.

Based on bipartisan estimates, the number could be 30 million or higher–11 million who are here illegally who will immediately be allowed to work and compete with Americans for jobs; 4.5 million due to clearing out the so-called “backlog” of applications; and 15 million future legal immigrants over the next decade, which represents a 50 percent increase above current projections.

Although Sen. Schumer disputed the 30 million figure, he repeatedly refused to offer his own estimate, making it very difficult to determine how other components of the legislation (fees and taxes, for example) would actually work.

See the video of the exchange below….