How do you carry out meaningful background checks on 11 million people? The Gang of Eight has repeatedly offered assurances to the American public that illegal aliens seeking amnesty under their bill would have to undergo rigorous background checks.

So what’s their plan for fulfilling that pledge? Well, they don’t exactly have one. “It will be a daunting task to do it, but we need to,” admits Gang of Eight member Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.).

Yes we need to. As if we needed a reminder about why thorough background checks are vital, see Exhibit A: the Tsarnaev brothers. And yes, it is a daunting task. So maybe Sen. Flake and the other seven gangsters should have a viable plan in place to carry out this “daunting task” before the Senate takes a vote on their bill.

Running fingerprints through databases is not going to screen out terrorists. Our default assumption must be that there are sleepers in this country who have not committed crimes that would have resulted in their biometric information winding up in some database.

Even more importantly, the Gang of Eight’s bill grants illegal aliens Registered Provisional Immigrant status and immunity from detention or removal, from the moment they file an application. So, even if a background check actually turns up evidence that an individual poses a threat, it could be months or years before authorities find out.