Judge Hears Testimony in Suit Against Napolitano

“On April 8, a federal judge in Dallas heard arguments in Crane v Napolitano, the lawsuit brought by 10 ICE officers challenging the Obama administration’s Deferred Action program (DACA) and ‘prosecutorial discretion’ policies. The hearing, at which two ICE agents and I testified, produced new information on some little-publicized side effects of the amnesty policy, including how criminal aliens have been shielded from removal. My testimony focused on internal DHS statistics showing a significant decline in the number of deportations, interior enforcement, and even criminal alien removals following the implementation of these policies. I also described how the administration has cooked its removal statistics in a way that gives lawmakers and the public the false impression that enforcement has improved,” says Jessica Vaughn from the Center for Immigration Studies.

“The second witness was ICE officer Sam Martin, who is assigned to the Criminal Alien Program in El Paso, Texas. Martin’s job is to review records that are transmitted electronically to ICE from the El Paso County jail, and determine if any of the alien inmates are removable. He testified that since the implementation of DACA, he and other ICE agents are releasing a significant number of illegal alien criminals — about 25 percent of his caseload — back to the streets.”

DeMint Says Heritage Won’t Be Apologist for Amnesty

“Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint Tuesday brushed aside conservative criticism of his organization’s work on immigration reform, dismissing it as nothing more than inside-the-beltway sniping. ‘Sounds like Washington to me’ DeMint said of complaints by the CATO Institute and Americans for Tax Reform that Heritage is unfairly inflating the costs of looming immigration legislation in order to rally opposition,” Buzzfeed.com reports.

“‘I’m not going to be an apologist for the Republican Party,’ he told a group of bloggers over Chick-fil-A sandwiches and sodas. ‘It’s really disturbing to me … how many pieces of legislation over the last few years have been developed behind closed doors,’ DeMint said, arguing that the bill is being drafted by ‘staff people, big labor and big business. The members who are involved in this haven’t seen it.'”