Bush Says U.S. Needs More Immigration

“Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, author of a new book on immigration, tells Newsmax that America’s ‘incredibly complex’ immigration laws should be reformed ‘from stem to stern’ with an eye toward attracting and retaining more skilled workers from other nations. Immigration is also one of the topics discussed in the cover story Bush wrote for the April edition of Newsmax magazine, ‘Growth Is the Answer,'” says Newsmax.com.

“If you have that then people will want to come legally and they can make a contribution, a full contribution to our economy. We’re basically advocating a shift towards an economy-driven immigration strategy where we focus on economic growth being the principle reason why we need to reform our immigration system stem to stern,” Bush said.

Senate Group Claims Deal Made

“With business and labor now in agreement, a bipartisan group of senators has resolved all major issues in a pending deal to overhaul the immigration system and aims to unveil it after Congress reconvenes in the second week of April, key lawmakers said on Sunday,” Reuters reported.

“The lawmakers said that while there was no final deal yet, they hope and even expect there to be one soon after the measure is put into legislative language so all eight senators in the group can review it.”

Flaws in Guest Worker Proposal

“The Friday-night deal between business and labor groups over how the U.S. will manage the future flow of foreign workers into the country is being hailed as a breakthrough. It clears the biggest hurdle blocking an overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws and paves the way for a bill to be introduced in the Senate next week. If it ultimately becomes law, it could transform the way that millions of businesses hire low-wage workers. But for the reforms to work, there’ll have to be a radical shift in the way both foreign workers and employers approach the process,” BusinessWeek says.

Rubio Says Immigration Plan Needs Work

“As a bipartisan Senate group builds momentum toward a comprehensive immigration reform bill in April, resistance is coming from an unexpected source: Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, a key member of the coalition,” the Washington Post says.

“Rubio (Fla.), a rising GOP star, has been involved in extensive private negotiations with his fellow senators in the ‘Gang of Eight,’ but he has taken a cautious stance in public — highlighting his complicated position as a conservative tea party champion and potential 2016 presidential candidate who appeals to Latino voters.”

Judge Strikes Part of Indiana Immigration Law

“A federal judge has ruled sections of a 2011 Indiana immigration law unconstitutional, making permanent an injunction against a law inspired by Arizona’s crackdown on illegal immigrants. The state will forego an appeal on Thursday’s ruling, Attorney General Greg Zoeller said on Friday,” Reuters reported.

“The Indiana bill, signed into law by the previous governor, Mitch Daniels, permitted warrantless arrests of non-citizens and prohibited the use of consular IDs as forms of identification.”