McCain Tells Amnesty Supporters “You Are Not Going to be Completely Happy” With Bill

“Sen. John McCain worked to lower expectations surrounding his plan for immigration reform and hinted at difficult disagreements in Congress during an emotional town hall meeting in his home state of Arizona on Monday that saw people on both sides of the debate exchange fiery insults,” CBS News reports.

“McCain said the so-called Gang of Eight, a bipartisan group of lawmakers working on immigration legislation in the Senate, has agreed on more work visas for workers and protections for illegal immigrants brought to the country as children, but declined to provide specific details.”

Facebook CEO May Spend $$ on Amnesty Push

“Mark Zuckerberg appears to have found his next venture: politics. The 28-year-old Facebook CEO and billionaire — after mostly staying out of the political fray while running his company’s day-to-day operations — is joining with other executives to form an issues advocacy organization, with an initial focus on comprehensive immigration reform, according to sources familiar with the discussions,” Politico reports.

“The group is forming at a time when the tech industry is stepping up its immigration efforts, with executives advocating key provisions to help in the battle for global talent. But those executives also say they support reforms to create a path to citizenship for undocumented people for the good of the nation and economy.”

Business Lobby, Labor At Odds Over Wage Provisions

“The breakdown in [amnesty] talks is about degrees rather than overall principles. How much should foreign workers be paid? How should that wage rate calculated, and who decides?” says National Journal.

“The dispute between labor and business over work visas highlights the sensitivity of the effort to reshape an immigration system that doesn’t work very well for anybody. Immigration reform is a top priority for President Obama and for Republicans in Congress, who are worried that without an overhaul, the Hispanic population will become permanent Democrats.”

“On the work-visa issue, the AFL-CIO says that Republicans last week walked away from a proposal that would have set the wage rate for foreign workers at the median of the wages for that particular job.”