Embracing the false notion perpetuated by the open-borders lobby that the Party will continue to lose elections until it pushes amnesty, the Republican National Committee (RNC) today told its members they must support “comprehensive immigration reform.” (See Growth and Opportunity Project at p. 8, Mar. 18, 2013)

The call to support an amnesty agenda appeared in a report released this morning entitled the “Growth and Opportunity Project”. Commissioned by RNC Chairman Reince Priebus in response to the Party’s failure to win the White House or Senate in 2012, the report’s authors include Henry Barbour, Sally Bradshaw, Ari Fleischer, Zori Fonalledas, and Glenn McCall. (Id. at p. 1)

If Republicans fail to “embrace and champion comprehensive immigration reform,” the report warns, “our Party’s appeal will continue to shrink to its core constituencies only.” However, in making such a sweeping statement, the report’s authors neglect to consider the number of Americans opposed to amnesty who may either leave the Party or simply refuse to vote for Republican candidates as a result of such an about-face by the Party establishment. (Id. at p. 8)

Despite the fact that granting a reprieve to the nation’s 11-12 million illegal aliens will increase job competition for the 22 million un/underemployed Americans, as well as the number of individuals who are eligible for public assistance and ObamaCare, the RNC also claims amnesty will help grow the economy. “We also believe that comprehensive immigration reform is consistent with Republican economic policies that promote job growth and opportunity for all.” (Id.)

In issuing the report, the RNC appears to be taking its marching orders on immigration policy from President Obama. In a closed-door meeting with Republican lawmakers at the White House last Wednesday, President Obama told them they would benefit more from passing amnesty legislation than the Democrats. (Associated Press, Mar. 13, 2013) Only five days later, the RNC appears to agree, calling on its members to support “comprehensive” immigration reform.

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