One of the DREAM Act provisions that has been proposed is to allow illegal aliens to enter the armed services and gain U.S. citizenship on the basis of two years of service.

That proposal makes little sense in current circumstances in which we have an all volunteer armed service, and there is no need to induct reluctant recruits into service. The recruitment needs of the services are being fully met by volunteers. Defense Department officials have affirmed that fact.

It especially does not make sense in the context of recent and possible future force draw downs. “The U.S. army already began to shrink last year, downsizing toward 490,000 from 570,000.” Furthermore, “General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said about a third of the [sequestration] cuts would have to come from the armed forces, …”

Do we want opportunities for U.S. citizens and legal residents to be reduced by creating a path for illegal aliens to enlist in the military?