Hearing on H-1B Visas Raises Questions of Fairness for U.S. Workers

“The merits of the H-1B temporary worker visa program were called into question during a Tuesday hearing on high-skilled immigration held by the House Judiciary Committee’s immigration subpanel,” The Hill reports.

“While lawmakers and members of the witness panel all agreed that the existing immigration rules for highly skilled and educated workers are in need of reform, the hearing revealed that some skepticism remains over the H-1B visas.”

Guest Workers Sticking Point in Senate Debate

“The real hang-up in the high-stakes immigration talks is how senators will satisfy Big Business and powerful labor unions over proposals to attract lower-skilled foreign workers into the country. They are trying to construct a new program that would allow businesses to hire lower-skilled workers once they demonstrate they cannot hire an American to fill an open job,” says a report in Politico.