Geraldo: Releasing Illegal Aliens Transparently Political

“As the White House and reporter Woodward negotiate what really happened between them, the ham-handed tactic of releasing illegal immigrants on unsuspecting communities without notice corroborates the view that the sequestration impasse made the president fighting mad,” says Geraldo Rivera.

“Don’t get me wrong. I actually smiled when I heard that the first 300 immigrants released by ICE were in Arizona, hotbed of the anti-illegal immigration movement, home of “papers please” and the scolding angry lady governor. No other legal provocation could provoke such indignant howls.”

Immigration Restriction Party Makes Strides in U.K. Election

“British Prime Minister David Cameron’s ruling Conservative party has suffered a huge election defeat, as Friday parliamentary voting saw the scandal-ridden Liberal Democrat surge to first place. The election was for seats in Eastleigh. Mr. Cameron’s Conservatives came in third — behind the party that has received widespread attention of late for sex and perjury scandals. Second place went to UK Independence, a right-of-center party that wants Britain to leave the EU, The Telegraph reported. UKIP also supports a crackdown on immigration laws,” the Washington Times says.

House GOP to Hold ‘Education’ Sessions

“House Republican leaders will begin to engage next week on the contentious issue of an immigration rewrite, launching a series of listening sessions to educate members [. . .] While immigration is still likely to be overshadowed by budget issues and fiscal maneuvering this month, the move signals that party leaders are beginning to look at how they could move legislation aimed at addressing the issueSeveral sources said House GOP leaders are disinclined to attempt to move comprehensive legislation that would cover all aspects of immigration policy, preferring instead to tackle the overhaul in pieces, beginning with components that would immediately garner broad support,” Roll Call reports.

House Hearing Points to E-Verify as Solution for Hiring

“An electronic system for verifying a worker’s legal status and enforcing the laws must be part of any immigration overhaul, a House committee hearing on Wednesday indicated,” the Washington Free Beacon says.

“Congressmen on both sides of the aisle expressed their support for the verification system, known as E-Verify, while witnesses testified to the system’s accuracy and benefits at a hearing late Wednesday afternoon held by the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security.”