Tech Lobby Endorses Amnesty

“Silicon Valley executives, who have long pressed the government to provide more visas for foreign-born math and science brains, are joining forces with an array of immigration groups seeking comprehensive changes in the law. And as momentum builds in Washington for a broad revamping, the tech industry has more hope than ever that it will finally achieve its goal: the expanded access to visas that it says is critical to its own continued growth and that of the economy as a whole,” the New York Times says.

Obama’s Zero Sum Approach to Amnesty

“Anyone hoping to hear a more conciliatory speech than the inaugural address must have been disappointed to hear an equally argumentative President deliver this year’s State of the Union Address. Oblivious to a Republican-controlled House of Representatives, the president ticked off a laundry list of lofty progressive goals that are sure to placate his liberal base, but have little chance of being signed into law,” says Israel Ortega in Human Events.

“Add immigration reform to the list unless the president drops his insistence on dealing with immigration policy in one gargantuan comprehensive bill.”

DHS Only Acted Against ONE Public Charge Last Year

“In a response letter to four top Republican lawmakers, the Department of Homeland Security revealed it only initiated one case against an immigrant for becoming a ‘public charge,’ or being primarily dependent upon the government, in fiscal year 2012. The case was later withdrawn,” the Daily Caller says.

“While the department’s response to Republican Sens. Jeff Sessions, Chuck Grassley, Orrin Hatch and Pat Roberts’ August oversight request offered an overview of the centuries-old federal public-charge restrictions, it noticeably avoided several of the senators’ direct questions and demonstrated potentially significant inadequacies in record-keeping by immigration officials, who legally should be enforcing public-charge rules for immigrants both inside and outside of the country.”