We often lament the fact that most politicians in D.C. have abandoned their obligation to put the interests of the American people first when it comes to immigration policy.  The proposals put forward by the White House and the Gang of Eight in the Senate will reward illegal aliens who have broken our laws (and not just immigration law) and the narrow political and economic interests that profit from our current immigration system, while punishing American workers and taxpayers.  And the finagling to assemble a “comprehensive” bill is taking place in secret negotiations, including ones at the White House between the AFL-CIO and CEOs of mega-corporations.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) had this to say when asked about the White House closed-door meetings by the Daily Caller.

Obama is meeting privately with the most powerful men in finance and business to discuss how to bring in more low-wage labor at a time when millions of Americans can’t earn enough to pay their bills.

Republicans should seize this issue as a crucial moment in history to stand up for the working people of this county, and to defend them against elite Washington interests.

This is an issue that ought to make natural allies out of the GOP, union workers and even the unions themselves … [it] also an important moment for a number of Democrats who were elected on the promise of defending workers: will they side the economic interests of the workers in their states or will they side with the powerful interests meeting at the White House?

If Republicans want to improve their standing with voters they had better take the advice of Sen. Sessions and start standing up for working men and women, and the beleaguered taxpayers who are subsidizing cheap labor for big business.