Last week, a federal immigration judge announced that Onyango Obama, uncle to President Obama, won’t face another deportation hearing until December, giving him another year to reside in the United States illegally.

Obama won an appeal for a new deportation hearing last December despite having been arrested for drunk driving several months prior. (See FAIR Legislative Update, Dec. 10, 2012)

In a surprising twist, Obama’s attorneys revealed that they plan to fight for permanent resident status for Obama based on his “good moral character.”

I guess they mean aside from his intoxicated driving. And they must also plan to ignore the fact that he nearly rammed his car into a police cruiser. And let’s just forget the sticky subject of his blatant disregard of a 20-year-old deportation order. Or the fact that he ever overstayed his visa to begin with.

Yes, when you take all of those things out of the equation, Onyango sounds like a stand-up guy!

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