Villaraigosa: Amnesty Bill Isn’t Amnesty

“Immigration reform will be a priority in Washington, and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is hoping to shape the conversation. This week, Villaraigosa announced a six-point plan, which includes a path to citizenship, family reunification, and smarter border enforcement,” US News reports.

Union Support for Amnesty May Not Extend to Guest Workers

“[T]here are indications that labor unions are now onboard with comprehensive immigration reform. And after they split over reform in 2007, the two biggest union groups, the AFL-CIO and Change to Win, have agreed to a common set of principles,” ABC News reports.

“But unions aren’t on the same page as some other pro-reform groups when it comes to one potential aspect of reform: guest worker programs . . . The union stance on guest worker programs has split their coalition before. In 2007, the AFL-CIO opposed a reform effort with a guest worker program, while SEIU decided to support it. The bill ultimately died in the Senate. That issue could fray the coalition this time around, too.”

White House Urged to Not Draft Amnesty Measure

“Reps. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.) and Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.), two of the lawmakers working across the aisle on immigration reform, said Tuesday that the White House could hurt the effort by putting forth its own legislation on the issue,” the Huffington Post writes.

“‘I think that would poison the water,’ Diaz-Balart said of a potential White House-drafted bill. ‘I think there are a lot of efforts out there, as there have to be, to try to get a bipartisan bill out. … If we’re going to get something that controversial done, that difficult done, that complex done, it obviously has to be done in a bipartisan way.'”