Believe President Obama on Immigration: He Will Not Enforce Most Laws Even After an Amnesty

“As currently being discussed, ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ will entail some form of amnesty for most or all of the 10-15 million illegal aliens believed to reside here . . . to sweeten the bitter pill that Congress and the president will try to get the American public to swallow, amnesty and immigration increases will be packaged with new laws…” says FAIR’s Ira Mehlman in a op-ed.

“There can be little doubt, however, that these new enforcement provisions will be utterly meaningless. President Obama has already made it clear in a thousand different ways that he will not carry them out.”

Obama to ‘Quickly’ Go for Immigration Reform and Gun Control

“President Barack Obama will go for immigration reform and gun control this month, the White House tells the left-leaning Huffington Post. Obama’s actions will reportedly be done ‘quickly,'” notes the Weekly Standard blog.

“An Obama administration official said the president plans to push for immigration reform this January. The official, who spoke about legislative plans only on condition of anonymity, said that coming standoffs over deficit reduction are unlikely to drain momentum from other priorities. The White House plans to push forward quickly, not just on immigration reform but gun control laws as well,” reports the Huffington Post.

Frum: Mass Immigration Hammers the Working Class

“Jobs? Schmobs. The fiscal cliff debate proceeded with impressive disregard for the economic concerns of ordinary Americans. That disregard does not augur well for the coming debate over immigration reform,” says David Frum at the Daily Beast.

“Nothing shows the class bias of American media like the way we talk about immigration. We almost always talk about it from the point of view of the employer seeking to pay less for labor, rarely from the point of view of the displaced or undercut employee.”

Immigration-Jobs Link is Underreported, Misunderstood

“For employers who want to hire cheap labor, a large immigrant pool to choose from is a wonderful thing. New legal and illegal immigrants benefit, too. They get much-needed jobs. Once legal immigrants obtain permanent residency, they receive work authorization and can immediately begin to look for gainful employment,” says Joe Guzzardi at

“History proves that, during uncertain economic times, presidents Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Dwight David Eisenhower managed their immigration policies in a manner designed to help Americans. During the Great Depression, Roosevelt, considered by many to be America’s most liberal president, strictly limited immigration and instead created the Works Progress Administration to benefit struggling citizens.”

Obama Finalizes Another Change to Enforcement, This Time Waivers for Green Card Applicants

“In the latest move to clear paths to legal residency for illegal immigrants, the Obama administration on Wednesday ruled that thousands of foreign spouses and children can stay with their U.S. citizen relatives while applying for green cards. The policy ‘reduces long periods of separation between U.S. citizens and their immediate relatives,’ Alejandro Mayorkas, director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, said Wednesday in a conference call,” the Journal Advocate writes.

“The Obama administration announced the proposed change early last year, but sought months of public comments before making it final in a rule to be published Thursday in the Federal Register. The policy will take effect on March 4.”