On Tuesday, former President George W. Bush came out of seclusion to endorse mass immigration as the solution to our economic crisis. He can now be added to the growing list of Republicans publicly endorsing amnesty and more immigration in the wake of the recent election.

Bush’s reentry into the immigration debate was planned before the election and coincides with the release of the Bush Institute’s book “The 4 Percent Solution,” advocating for policies that spur economic growth. In his introduction, President Bush claimed immigrants “fill a critical gap in our labor market” while failing to address how amnesty and more legal immigration would affect the nearly 23 million Americans who are currently unemployed or underemployed.

If anyone knows the challenges lawmakers face in reforming our immigration system, it is President Bush. Unfortunately for him, the opening for his proposals has come and gone. In fact, they failed when put before Congress and the American people. Now, Congress and President Obama must find a solution that serves the best interests of Americans, not the special interests who benefit most from Bush’s more is better immigration policy.