Illinois, already a sanctuary state for illegal aliens, now wants to offer driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. A coalition of Illinois Democrats, Republicans, and illegal alien advocates are pushing the Legislature to pass a new driver’s licenses bill during its lame duck session.

The cash strapped state, which in recent years has raised taxes on individuals and businesses and cut services and benefits for legal residents, wants to expand the temporary driver’s license available to legal foreign nationals to illegal aliens. Supporters claim the license could not be used as valid identification and will help make Illinois roads safer by requiring illegal aliens to get insurance while also raising revenue for the state.

Of course, it defies common sense to argue that illegal aliens, having disregarded so many other laws, would obey the state’s car insurance requirement.

None of the bill’s supporters acknowledge the costs of allowing illegal aliens to continue to live, work, and travel freely in the state. With an unemployment rate above the national average at 8.8 percent, Illinois can ill afford to attract further illegal immigration to undercut legal workers and hand out valuable resources and services, including in-state tuition benefits and health care, to illegal aliens that should be reserved for legal residents.

It is no surprise that former Obama aide and current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is an ardent supporter of the move. And, like national Republicans, Illinois Republicans have bought into the myth that supporting additional benefits for illegal aliens will win them the Hispanic vote. The last Illinois Governor not to be incarcerated, Republican Jim Edgar, says giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens is “politically smart.”

Senate President, Democrat John Cullerton, thinks he has the votes to get a driver’s license bill through his chamber as early as this week. The position of Republican legislative leaders remains unknown. Meanwhile, Republican New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez is actively trying to end her state’s practice of issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, citing national security concerns.