The Inspector General report about EOIR (Executive Office for Immigration Review) highlighted that EOIR eliminated completion goals for non-detained cases in January of 2010 so that (at least according to DHS) the courts could better focus on the detained docket. Meanwhile, of course, the Obama Administration is looking for any reason not to detain any alien, so you can see where this is going…

Report Says Immigration Courts Inefficient

“U.S. immigration courts are inefficient and beset by delays, falling behind in processing proposed deportations in recent years despite having more judges hearing the cases, the Justice Department’s inspector general said Thursday,” the Washington Post writes.

“The courts completed 324,000 proceedings in fiscal 2006 but only 287,000 in fiscal 2010, a report from Inspector General Michael Horowitz said. The number of immigration judges grew from 211 to 238 in that period, according to the report.”

Swiss Referendum Seeks to Limit Immigration

“Swiss environmentalists, tapping into unease about population levels in their landlocked nation at the heart of Europe, on Friday presented the government with 120,000 signatures to force a referendum on limiting immigration,” Reuters reports.

“Under the Swiss system of direct democracy, 100,000 signatures need to be collected to put a cause to a national vote. Referenda take place up to four times a year after the government sets dates for the voting.”

Focusing on Reality in the Debate Over High Skilled Immigration

“Let’s start with this fact: there are 17 million college graduates in the United States who are working menial jobs because they can’t find work that requires a college degree,” says A. Jurek at “What does this single fact tell us? From the standpoint of a simple supply and demand analysis, it tells us that the US economy cannot generate enough jobs to absorb all those college graduates because it is not growing fast enough and creating the surplus that would make it possible for companies to hire most college grads rather than only those with narrowly defined skills.”

“Because the jobs they could have had are either outsourced or taken by immigrant geniuses, these workers have entered the menial job world, taking jobs that require no education beyond high school or the GED.”

Supreme Court Hears Deportation Warning Case

“With the future of thousands of immigrants at stake, the Supreme Court on Thursday considered whether to extend a rule that requires lawyers to tell clients who are not citizens that they can be deported if they plead guilty to crimes,” Reuters reports.

“A decision could prove significant to non-citizens who had ineffective counsel before March 2010, when the court, in Padilla v. Kentucky, said immigrants deserve to be told at least some consequences of guilty pleas. Federal appeals courts have since divided on whether the decision should apply retroactively.”