Every once in awhile the administration’s non-enforcement of the nation’s immigration law is interrupted by a case that shows what could be happening if there were a commitment to aggressive enforcement.

That’s what is happening in Kansas City. Owners of two hotels have been indicted for knowingly employing illegal aliens. The case appears to be so egregious that ICE couldn’t ignore the temptation to seek proof of the employers’ culpability. They sent in an undercover agent to apply for a job while acknowledging not having documents establishing legal work status. The hotel manager said that would be no problem but the pay would be less than minimum wage because there would be no withholdings.

According to the Kansas City Star more than half of the hotel staff were illegal alien workers. ICE said that the illegal alien workers were being treated as “victims” and no decision has been made about their status. But the government is seeking convictions against two owners of the hotels including possible jail sentences as well as confiscating the hotels.

If this type of enforcement against an employer of illegal aliens were more common, it would go a long way towards making employers less likely to continue to hire and abuse illegal alien workers. Of course, the government should also be sending a message to current and prospective illegal alien workers by deporting those found working illegally.