Brother of U.S. Attorney General Alleged to Have Hired Illegal Aliens

The Carolina Journal Online reports that William Holder, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s brother, may have hired illegal aliens at some, or all, of his McDonald’s franchise restaurants in Wake County, North Carolina.

The news organization uncovered evidence revealing that “some employees stated they did not have a Social Security Card, a green card or any other document that would give them the legal authority to work in the United States.”   Holder has denied knowingly hiring them.  The matter is under further investigation by the paper.  It is unclear – and highly doubtful – whether the matter is, or ever will be, addressed by law enforcement authorities.

The Attorney General cannot be held legally responsible for his brother’s behavior, of course, but one has to wonder whether his relentless crusade to assist illegal aliens was a corrupting influence on William’s alleged actions.  After all, Eric Holder has created within his Department of Justice (DOJ) an organizational culture of permissiveness for illegal immigration and encouragement for those who violate the law.

If it’s proven that Holder was cheating the system by hiring illegal aliens, Wake County residents should wonder if eating at his McDonald’s restaurants is safe.  If illegal aliens are preparing the food without being subject to the infectious and contagious disease screenings required of all legal immigrants, then maybe Holder isn’t serving up the healthy “Happy Meals” advertised.

But we’re really not surprised – the chicken McNuggets have come home to roost.  For 3 ½  years, the President has been using amnesty as political instrument, DHS Secretary Napolitano has gutted most interior enforcement, and Holder has transformed the DOJ into an instrument of intimidation against states that push their own immigration enforcement legislation.

The Obama/Napolitano/Holder unholy trinity of non-enforcement has created a new truth – that violating immigration laws in and of itself is entirely inconsequential.

The message to illegal aliens is “no worries” and the message to businesses – including William Holder’s franchises is – why fuss with following the law?