In 2008, a young African-American man by the name of Jamiel Shaw Jr. was ruthlessly gunned down by an illegal alien who had been previously released from a California prison.

Jamiel Shaw Jr. was a good student with a promising college football career ahead of him when he was gunned down in cold blood by 19-year-old gang member Pedro Espinoza while innocently walking home from the mall. Earlier this month, a jury found Pedro Espinoza guilty of the murder and recommended the death penalty for his crime.

The murder would have never taken place had Espinoza been removed and deported after being arrested for being in the country illegally. What should anger and concern California citizens even more is that California politicians in Sacramento recently passed a new bill that would compel local law enforcement in most cases to ignore requests by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to hold illegal immigrants if they could otherwise be released. The bill, AB 1081, is now on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk awaiting his signature or veto.

Jamiel Shaw Jr.’s story matters because it shows what the consequences can be when immigration laws, or laws in general, are not followed and especially enforced. And Jamiel Shaw Jr.’s story is not an isolated incident. FAIR has listed hundreds of such incidents over the years, again, crimes that could have been averted if we were enforcing our laws rather than pandering to the open border lobby.

Gov. Brown would be doing a great disservice to the citizens of California if he signs this bill into law, thereby potentially exposing many to future crimes.

Jamiel Shaw Sr., father of Jamiel Shaw Jr., recently appeared in a video (including a op-ed) where he pleaded with Gov. Brown not to sign AB 1081. In the video he asked, “How many have to die by people being let out into the streets from the county jail that should be deported.” A good question indeed that Gov. Brown should ponder before taking action.