A group of California lawmakers has been pushing for driver’s licenses for illegal aliens for years. Now, President Obama’s unauthorized executive amnesty has triggered the legislature to extend the benefit to illegal aliens who qualify for deferred action – that’s about 450,000 people.

AB 2189 would reverse a 19-year-old California law, which requires that all applicants for state driver’s licenses provide evidence that their “presence in the United States is authorized under federal law.” However, state lawmakers in essence nullified this law by simply adopting language that “[a]ny federal document demonstrating favorable action by the federal government for acceptance of a person into the deferred action for childhood arrivals program shall satisfy [this requirement].”

The action taken by the California lies in stark contrast to that taken by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who issued an executive order clarifying that illegal aliens with deferred action are not eligible receive state benefits, including driver’s licenses. Other states continue to struggle with the chaos unleashed by the Obama Administration’s amnesty plan – especially when determining if, and under what circumstances, illegal aliens with deferred action are eligible for state benefits.

AB 2189 now sits on Governor Brown’s desk and some legislators are confident that the Governor will sign the bill into law.