FAIR has learned from reliable sources in the Senate that the long anticipated GOP version of the DREAM Act being promoted by Sen. Marco Rubio has been drafted and is ready to go. Sources also tell us that senior Republicans Senators Jon Kyl (Ariz.) and Kay Bailey Hutchison (Texas) are working with Rubio to get this legislation through Congress. Both Kyl and Hutchison are retiring from the Senate at the end of this session, making them largely unaccountable to their constituents in Arizona and Texas.

While the Senate sources who confirm that the Rubio DREAM Act has been drafted, access to the bill is being closely guarded. Only those senators and their staffs who support Rubio’s efforts know precisely what is in the legislation.

This renewed effort to pass the DREAM Act amnesty is a politically motivated effort by Republicans to ingratiate themselves to Latino voters (despite the fact that amnesty for illegal aliens is not an issue that drives this group of voters). At the same time, the Republican DREAM Act is expected to maintain the GOP’s cover that they oppose amnesty by deferring “a pathway to citizenship” for future legislation.

Another politically charged battle over amnesty for illegal aliens – spearheaded by Senate Republicans – is on the horizon.