FAIR has released a new fiscal cost analysis for Ohio. We estimate that illegal aliens and their U.S.-born children are costing the state’s taxpayers about $880 million per year. This growing tax burden is needless because both state and local governments have the ability to discourage the settlement of illegal aliens in their communities.

While some Ohio policymakers facilitate law enforcement agencies in cooperating with federal immigration authorities in the identification of illegal aliens wanted for deportation, others impede it. The adoption of the 287(g) program in Butler County – which has trained local law enforcement officers in immigration law enforcement and deputized them – is an example of the former. On the other hand, an example of non-cooperation may be seen in the sanctuary policies which prohibit law enforcement agencies from inquiring about immigration status in localities such as Oberlin, Dayton and Painesville. These measures extend an invitation to illegal aliens to come and settle in those cities.

Ohio’s elected representatives at both the local and national level owe it to the state’s citizens and legal residents to uphold the principle that the United States is founded on respect for the rule of law, and to act in ways that demonstrate that those who disrespect our immigration law will not be tolerated.