I had the wonderful opportunity last week to visit our law enforcement friends down in Pinal County, Arizona. There, I was able to witness the problems of illegal immigration and drug trafficking with my own eyes. As you might expect, I walked away acutely aware of how years of ignoring illegal immigration and border security have created zones of lawlessness along the U.S.-Mexico border. Interestingly, the unexpected lesson I brought back was how local law enforcement in this area roughly 70 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border is in many ways bearing the brunt of our porous borders.

To get a feeling for what the local sheriff’s office deals with on a daily basis, the attached video aired by Fox News is definitely worth a look. It aired nearly a year ago, but it gives a strikingly accurate picture the dire situation in the desert south of Phoenix. In the video, you witness how portions of the state have become major conduits for drug smugglers, human smugglers, and (frighteningly) terrorists.

I returned from my trip with an even greater sense of the urgency regarding the need to secure our borders and beat back the drug cartels. Yet, I am struck at how local politicians, Members of Congress, and President of the United States continue to sit on their hands and claim there is no problem. Americans can no longer afford lawmakers who are in the dark when it comes to border security. Perhaps we should send them some night-vision goggles like the ones the local deputies wear in this video so they can see the bad guys.