According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 13.3 million people officially unemployed in the United States in November 2011 – and that is a big improvement over October. There were about another 11 million people working part time because they couldn’t find full-time jobs.

At the same time there are estimated to be more than 8 million aliens illegally working in the United States. We know the argument that illegal aliens only do jobs Americans don’t want, and we know that’s a lie because Americans are employed in all of the same jobs as are being done by illegal workers. We also know that when a lot of jobs are filled by illegal workers, wages and working conditions deteriorate so that those jobs become less attractive to illegal workers.

FAIR has developed an estimate by state of the number of jobs taken by illegal aliens. We proportionately spread our estimate of jobs taken by illegal alien workers among the states based on our estimate of the state’s illegal alien population in 2010.