FAIR’s stance when it comes to legal immigration is to “promote immigration levels consistent with the national interest.” The national interest is what it is supposed to be about, isn’t it?

While much of the conversation has been focused on illegal immigration during the recent GOP presidential debates, the candidates – as well as President Obama – have been mostly mum when it comes to addressing our dysfunctional legal immigration system and its impact on today’s U.S. economy.

Earlier this week FAIR launched a TV ad campaign in an effort to bring attention to the fact that while millions of Americans are out of work, our government continues to admit more than one million legal immigrants and hundreds of thousands of temporary foreign workers access to good jobs. This is not good policy and not in this nation’s best interest, especially while we are facing nine percent unemployment!

The new ads are being aired on CNN and eventually other networks in the near future. They can also be seen at www.fairchanceatjobs.com, where you can also read more about the campaign and learn more details and facts about how to save American jobs for Americans.