In its ceaseless effort to prevent the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws, the Obama administration appears to have adopted the Warren Zevon strategy: “Send lawyers, guns and money.” Okay, they have not yet resorted to guns, but no amount of lawyers and money are being spared in the administration’s war against states that attempt to enforce immigration laws on their own.

This week, the administration’s political strike force, a.k.a., the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) committed still more lawyers and taxpayer money to pursue their political goals. On Halloween, the Justice Department filed suit against South Carolina to prevent that state from implementing an immigration enforcement law passed by the legislature and signed by the governor – their trick, our treat. For those keeping score, South Carolina becomes the third state sued for trying to enforce the law. Zero states have been sued for obstructing federal immigration law.

The South Carolina law is modeled closely on the Alabama law that DOJ attempted, but failed, to quash. Just two weeks earlier, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals denied DOJ’s request to enjoin the Alabama law (save for two provisions). Thus, the obvious goal in suing South Carolina has less to do with testing the constitutionality of the law than in punishing the state by forcing it to spend money to defend the law and further intimidate other states that are thinking about passing their own immigration enforcement laws.

DOJ followed-up on Tuesday with nuisance “request” addressed to school districts across Alabama. In a letter signed by Thomas Perez, who heads up DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, the department sought copious data about student enrollment and withdrawals of Latino students across the state, to be updated monthly. Perez, for the record, is the former director of CASA de Maryland, one of the most strident illegal alien advocacy groups in the nation. The clear purpose of the “request” is to tie up school district resources on pointless paperwork (instead of educating kids).

The Alabama law (like the partially implemented law in Arizona) works. Illegal aliens are leaving on their own. That’s why, from the administration’s perspective, these laws must be stopped. The ATF sent the guns to drug lords in Mexico, but apparently the administration has still got plenty of lawyers and money.