In our last new media post we suggested a few easy ways to join the immigration conversation on Twitter.  But Twitter is just one way to stay up-to-date and engaged with the immigration reform debate. Here are three other ways to get involved with FAIR’s immigration reform efforts today:

Facebook:  Our Facebook page is an open forum where people share their thoughts about the latest immigration news ranging from state and local legislation to the Presidential candidates’ stances on border control and immigration enforcement.  Start posting your questions and sharing your thoughts with our 30,000 other Facebook Page fans today.

YouTube:  Our YouTube channel is frequently updated with videos of FAIR experts addressing hot topics on FOX News, CNN and MSNBC and other news channels.

Our E-Mail Newsletter:  Our e-mails will give you the most comprehensive look at immigration politics and policy.  Sign-up to receive action alerts, weekly legislative updates and monthly newsletters that highlight the important changes and updates from Washington, DC and across the country.  

Join us in these online communities and be sure to share the links above with your friends and colleagues!