This Sunday will mark the 10th anniversary of the attacks of 9/11. FAIR’s report on the continuing threat to the nation, Ten Years Later, We Will Not Forget, strikes two major themes. The first is that we remain vulnerable because some obvious security loopholes identified by the attacks have not been plugged yet. One of the most glaring gaps is the continued inability of the government to identify whether foreigners who have entered the country legally have departed or are still in the country.

The other theme is that the Obama administration is actually aggravating the problem of locating possible terrorists in the country by its policies designed to suspend immigration law enforcement against illegal residents other than those who have been convicted of serious crimes. By refusing to enforce most immigration laws the administration is both perpetuating the presence of the millions of illegal aliens already here, and encouraging additional illegal immigration. This population, that works to avoid the notice of law enforcement agencies, provides a ready-made environment for clandestine operations of foreign terrorists who manage to get into the country.

It is worth considering that under President Obama’s newly announced immigration policy, none of the 9/11 terrorists would be subject to removal. None of them had criminal records in this country and none had done anything more than overstay their student visas, until they proceeded to murder nearly 3,000 innocent people, that is.