A group of “community-based organizations” have issued a report entitled “Restoring Community: A National Community Advisory Report on ICE’s Failed Secure Communities (S-Comm) Program“. As the title implies, the backers of the report do not like the S-Comm program that allows federal immigration authorities to identify deportable aliens that have been arrested and fingerprinted by state and local law enforcement agencies.

The motivation behind this report is clear in this sentence in the report’s introduction, “S-Comm, like SB 1070 [Arizona’s 2010 law] and its copycats, encourages a criminalization of immigrants that is inherently incompatible with the goal of integration and reform.”

This report will probably be endorsed by politicians who accept the view that the nation’s policy towards illegal aliens should be to integrate them into our society. For those who see that objective as the antithesis of what U.S. policy should be towards illegal aliens, there will be no area of agreement with the recommendations in this report for dismantling the Secure Communities program.