Imagine that a stranger that you have never met one day shows up on your property and decides to pitch a tent. You approach him and kindly ask him to leave your property, but he refuses. You walk back into your house, lock the door and call the police. However, you are told that there is nothing that they can do – unless the stranger tries to actually break into your house or physically harm you, their hands are tied because trespassing is not one of their priorities.

Last week the Obama administration, stating that it makes “no sense” to use resources to remove illegal aliens who have not yet been convicted of felonies, announced a plan to conduct a case-by-case review of all individual cases currently involved in removal proceedings. This approach will basically allow the Administration to dismiss all cases that do not meet its “priorities,” namely all illegal aliens who have not been convicted of a felony or terrorism.

Not only will removal proceedings against “low priority” cases be dismissed, including all of those who would have been eligible under the repeatedly failed DREAM Act, but the Administration plans to grant work authorization to those who have their cases dismissed – essentially giving the equivalent of amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens.

Efforts to push through amnesty under the guise of immigration have gone nowhere over the past ten years, because the American public has steadfastly opposed the idea. However, the president is attempting to ram amnesty down the American people’s throats, defying Congress’s exclusive authority to make immigration policy.

The president’s actions last week make this more than an immigration issue. The move is a direct challenge to our constitutional separation of powers. If allowed to stand, President Obama will not only have instituted sweeping changes in our immigration policy without authorization from Congress, but will have set a dangerous precedent that severely weakens the system of checks and balances established by our founding fathers.

Americans must respond to this assault on the very foundation of our democracy. You can call your Representatives in Washington and tell them to vote in favor of the “Hinder the Administration’s Legalization Temptation Act” or the HALT Act (H.R. 2497), meant to prevent the Administration from further abusing its prosecutorial discretion to grant administrative amnesty to certain classes of illegal alien. You can also call the White House (202-456-1111 or and voice your opposition to policies that condone illegal activities and fail to enforce the immigration laws of this country.