Go to just about any shopping mall in the United States and you are likely to find kiosks hawking everything from sunglasses to cheap jewelry lining the corridors. More often than not, these kiosks are manned by young Israelis who are working illegally in the United States.

We know that the Obama administration doesn’t take this sort of offense seriously, but our embassy in Tel Aviv apparently does. The U.S. Embassy in Israel has produced a very effective 12-minute video warning young Israelis of the potential consequences of being lured to the U.S. by the shady businesspeople who operate mall kiosks.

The effectiveness of the video is that it is tailored to its audience – in this case, middle class kids whose life and career aspirations could be greatly hampered by being deemed inadmissible to the U.S. Admittedly, not all would-be illegal aliens have as much to lose if they are caught violating U.S. immigration laws. Nevertheless, the model is one that should be emulated by our embassies around the world.