Last month, President Obama stood at the border in El Paso, Texas, and mocked those who are concerned that America’s borders are not being adequately protected. The president assured us that our borders are secure and condescendingly joked that his critics will not be satisfied until he builds a moat and fills it with alligators.

The family of Houston Police Officer Kevin Will is not laughing, and neither should anyone else. Officer Will was killed on a Houston freeway last week by an illegal alien who was driving while intoxicated. But that’s not all. According to prosecutors, Officer Will’s alleged killer was a member of the notorious MS-13 gang. The suspect, Johoan Rodriguez is also an illegal alien who was twice deported from the United States. And yet, Rodriguez, a known gang member, seemed to have had little trouble getting back into the United States.

No, Mr. President, we don’t need a moat filled with alligators, and we certainly don’t need your condescension. What we need is a government that takes its responsibility to secure our borders and protect the American people seriously.